Custom Car Decals

Custom Car Decals


Reusable, waterproof decals for laptops, car doors and windows.

Will send a quantity of 3 pieces.

Iredecent Finish shown in images above

(Please read everything below!)



*Custom Car decals can go no larger than 9'' in height and length, no slurs, open to nudity, open to nsfw concepts on my terms! Put in the text field what character or text decal you would like, what type of finish you want to try ex). Normal glossy, iredecent, and so on.

I will not use another artists work unless permission is given (proof is needed) For a custom drawn idea I will dicuss with you my timeline on when it will be finished. 


These are not transparent! Do not place them in blocking views on your car. Best areas are the sides of the car, car doors, back window towards the corners, or back bumper and head of the car.



  • How to Use

    Place on desired area and use palm and press down

    To remove safely, spray with water and gently pull up the decal

    To clean off after dropping, just rinse it off with water, do not soak